• A double-faced wall mural.

    Here’s a fascinating 1 minute video on an Overall Murals lenticular mural wall for Ben and Jerry’s. Who knew you could turn a wall mural into a double face?  The project was installed along the Williamsburg, Brooklyn waterfront.  Viewed from one direction the wall says “Anyway you slice it.”  Viewed from the other direction the wall reads “It’s Ben & Jerry’s.”

    Insider asked Overall Murals Business Director Angel Saemai about the project.

    Dmitry Pankov (left) and Angel Saemai (right) of Overall Murals

    How long does it take to paint a project like this?

    This was a unique project, where we had to test, build and paint. It took about 4 weeks of planning and 4 weeks of preparation, building, installing and painting in house and on-site.
    Is the mural free drawn by hand or do you have any king of a guide as to where to paint?
    We grid out the art work and then use age old techniques combined with modern technology to transfer the art work onto our walls.
    How long does a painted mural like this last?
    This was an 8 week campaign.
    You can see a portfolio of Ben and Jerry’s project pictures at Overall Murals flickr page.

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