• Indianapolis rejects digital billboards.

    Indianapolis has four digital billboards and that’s not going to change soon.  The City Council’s Metropolitan and Economic Development committee voted unanimously against a proposal to permit additional digital billboards.  Local community groups were upset about a proposed 2:1 ratio of static boards to be taken down for each digital sign conversion.

    Insider’s take:  Yet again, Indianapolis lets the best become the enemy of the good.  The city’s economic development director correctly pointed out at the meeting that the vote does not encourage the removal of billboards in Indianapolis.  The number of billboards in Indy will not go down as would have been the case with a digital sign code and a 2:1 takedown ratio.  Lamar and Fairway benefit because they’ll be able to charge high rates for their scarce digital boards.  Businesses will have fewer cheap dynamic advertising options.  Insider predicts that Indy will be embroiled in more litigation again before this is over.

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