• IBOUSA Health Sharing Plan is Here

    June 5, 2019, Ardmore, Ok — Today, individual associates of IBOUSA can access a health sharing program that offers a new way for people to meet health and wellness needs at a much more affordable price. Health care sharing allows groups of like-minded people to work together towards better health and wellness by sharing health care costs across their association.

    Nearly half of the people who work for small businesses lack health care. And, for six months, IBOUSA studied this problem with Sodality Health, an IBOUSA consultant led by CEO Scott Henderson. Together, they found that the most affordable solution that can meet the needs of the greatest number of people who are associates of IBOUSA is a health sharing program.

    “Health sharing is NOT insurance,” said Chris Cowlbeck, General Manager of IBOUSA. “But it is a great way to help people meet their health care needs at a much lower cost by sharing costs among like-minded associates. This includes all operators in the OOH industry as well as service providers who supply our daily needs to improve efficiencies.”

    This health sharing program will open for registration by individual associates of IBOUSA on Monday, June 5th, with health program enrollment beginning June 17th, and an effective start date of health sharing on August 1st.

    Universal Health Fellowship Programs will be administered and managed by CarynHealth, a company focused on health solutions for people in small business. “CarynHealth will use data provided by individual registrants to guide each person in assessing and selecting the sharing program that best meets their needs,” said Mike Dendy, CEO of CarynHealth. “In addition to the sharing program that we administer, we have other solutions available for those with pre-existing conditions, companies with over 50 employees, and others.”

    Please visit the IBO SupportOOH Health page for program details and pricing as well as how to join the IBO or how to sign up for the program.  

    About IBOUSA

    IBOUSA is a networking group of companies that have a common interest of promoting all things of importance to the OOH Industry. We bring together some brilliant minds and cutting-edge technologies and services in our industry in some fun and engaging ways. Billboard operators, vendors, consultants, agencies and advertisers enjoy the fruits of our collective efforts and we have forged wonderful friendships over the years. These relationships have evolved to build the IBO COOP Marketplace where the inventory of our operators is combined into a large national footprint that is easy to access. Learn more by calling 580-226-2234 or visit IBOUSA.org.

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