Ian Dallimore: Advertisers believe in the data and they’re not cancelling contracts and fleeing for other media.

Today’s podcast guest is Ian Dallimore, sneakerhead, father of triplets and VP of Digital Growth at Lamar Advertising.  Ian is excited about the future of out of home.

Here are the highlights.

Ian Dallimore, Director of Digitial Media Growth, Lamar Advertising

How have improved data tools helped Lamar communicate with clients during the covid crisis.

Lamar has a large sales force.  We have over 1,000 sales reps across the US.  So obviously data has played a huge role…One of the tools we’ve been able to use was Geopath and it’s daily mobility tool.  The ability to share this at the local level and up to our national clients – that was key for us…It helps us compare daily miles traveled in every CBSA across the us compared to the previous year…Over the last few weeks we’ve seen an increase across all 50 states compared to the previous week…

Brands and advertisers, they believe in the data and they’re not cancelling contracts and fleeing for other media…it’s a testament that people believe in the medium…

The automated sales platforms have been hit very hard by the covid-19 crisis.

The benefits of programmatic are also it’s weaknesses…Clients have the ability to pause campaigns with no contractual obligation…I don’t look as this as a negative…I think the ability to pause and unpause campaigns are very hard to come by in the media world…We’re beginning to see shifts in funds…as cities and states come into phase one…we’re seeing increased activity….We’ve had some pretty significant campaigns that were playing right until Covid.  And it’s not a cancel…Remax – we just had our campaign paused.  Let’s wait until we’re in phase two and then unpause…

Lamar’s programmatic partners.

I don’t expect us to change our focus with programmatic and out partners…We enjoy our partnerships with Vistar, Hivestack, Place Exchange and Broadsign.

What is hyperlocal messaging and why is it important?.

This is one of the many positives that we can take away from Covid 19.  Customers are more hyper-local than they ever have been.  They want to help their local restaurants.  They want to build back their neighborhoods first…In Baton Rouge where I live we have our restaurants that we hit up.  We have our small boutiques…I think we’ll see more national brands focused on local markets with their creative efforts.  For example in south Louisiana you may see a Walmart or a Target ad now promoting…Ponchatoula strawberries or Anheuser-Busch promoting products that are only available in certain markets or certain pubs…

What would you change about agency out of home buying?

More transparency and access to the brands they represent.  And what I mean by that is more access to the briefs and more collaboration with the agency to go present side by side why out of home…I think that’s so powerful…There are some agencies that do this today.  And they’re amazing.  They’re true partners.  I wish more did this.  We have to move away from the spreadsheet world of transactions…out of home is so much more than a location on a map and a rate…

One of the other things that I’m excited about is a handful of…these out of home specialist agencies are…moving more towards automation in the RFP process.  They’re building out dashboards…That frees up these agency planners and buyers from the day to day spreadsheet world to selling…now we can talk about the technology, now we can talk about the creativity of our medium…

I honestly think that we’ve going to find ourselves higher up in the conversations at the holding companies especially coming out of this covid 19, because there’s going to be pent up demand, people are going to want to be out and about….I’m excited about the near future and future for our of home.  It’s almost like a great reset for us.

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