• IAB Provides A DOOH Metrics Glossary

    As we view the landscape of big data and programmatic buying attempting to understand a new language, do these types of terms give you a headache?

    • Served Impressions
    • Audience Composition
    • CPM
    • Message Duration
    • Unique Traffic
    • Primary Ad Unit
    • Geographic Targeting

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau would like to introduce to you their IAB DOOH Glossary.

    Their reasoning for providing the glossary is as follows:

    We live in an age where connected consumers are exposed to significant amounts of information — especially ads — during their commutes and time out of doors. Smart, savvy advertisers plan and execute marketing campaigns in an omni-channel world, and these advertisers need consistency and comparability to efficiently reach consumers with messages that speak to them and engage them in the right place and time.

    In order to make it efficient for agencies and brands to evaluate, plan, and buy Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) alongside traditional online media, the IAB DOOH committee has evaluated commonalities between terms, identifying unique terms to DOOH in the IAB’s DOOH Metrics Glossary.

    The Glossary groups terms into 5 sections:

    • Impressions Overview
    • Common DOOH Terms
    • Creative Specification Nomenclature
    • Audience Targeting Terms
    • Performance Measurement Terms

    It really is a terrific resource and included input from representatives from Geopath, Clear Channel, Outfront, BroadSign and Intersection.



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