How the Election Impacts Out of Home


OAAA EVP Ken Klein and Davis & Gilbert Partner Gary Kibel presented an outstanding webinar on the election and out of home.  Some highlights:

Gary Kibel, Partner, Davis & Gilbert on the impact of the new California Privacy Initiative on the out of home business.

Beacons and geolocation data are the two things which will require the out of home industry to reexamine disclosure issues.

Ken Klein on the growth of political advertising.

Regis Maher at Do It Outdoors says the company’s political category was up 75-80% compared to 2016.  At Lamar Advertising, Sean Reilly says political was up double from 2018. Spending was concentrated in battleground states, but by any measure…political is a growth category for us.

Ken Klein on cannabis

There’s going to be more demand for out of home advertising…we’re getting 40 cents on the dollar of the ad spend in this category…This too is an opportunity for us as another 5 states voted to legalize cannabis in some form.

A quick review of the lighting rods for cannabis advertising: steer clear of health claims, marketing to youth, over-sexualization of the message, and concentration of ads.

You can watch the entire webinar at this link.

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