• 500-1,000 Independent US Outdoor Advertising Companies

    stock-photo-a-rotating-card-index-filled-with-cards-and-divided-with-multicoloured-tabs-cropped-at-right-side-251280265How many independent outdoor companies are in the US?  Insider estimates that there are at least 500 and perhaps as many as 1,000.

    • Insider began tracking independent outdoor advertising company websites last year.  Insider has 306 outdoor advertising company websites in his database and is discovering new websites every day.  You can see 241 of the companies in Insider’s 2016 outdoor advertising website ranking.
    • Manta says there are 885 billboard advertising companies  in the US although with list is riddled with duplicates (e.g. multiple Clear Channels and Lamars for instance), includes companies which are clearly not in the billboard business (e.g. Daily Work From Home, Funny Cat Clips) and includes outdoor ad agencies and vendors.
    • Outdoorbillboard.com has approximately 4,450 names in in its Director of Outdoor Billboard Companies.  The list has numerous duplicates (the major billboard companies have a listing in every state and in multiple markets within each state), includes vendors and includes many companies which are no longer in business.  Not sure if it’s ever been purged.
    • Max Drachman of Kalil & Co thinks there are at least 500 independent outdoor companies.
    • Gabe Oliverio of Johnsen Fretty thinks there are perhaps 1,000 independent outdoor companies based on his firm’s sampling of outdoor advertising permits in a few states.
    • Nancy Fletcher President and CEO of OAAA says there are 785 independent billboard companies in the OAAA database.  Nancy should know if anyone does!


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