• Hazlet considers two digital billboards.

    Outfront’s proposed digital billboard is on right near two existing 12 by 20 signs. Note Interstate Outdoor digital billboard across the street.

    Hazletonian.com  reports that Hazlet, New Jersey is considering two additional digital billboards.

    Outfront has requested a variance wants to install a sign at Hazlet Avenue and Route 35.  The company is proposing to take down four 12 by 20 billboard faces in exchange for a two sided 14 by 48 digital billboard.

    Atlantic Outdoor Advertising wants to erect a two sided 10.5 by 36 digital billboard near rout 36 at 155 Middle Road.

    The Hazlet Land use board expects to consider the requests during 2019.

    Hazlet has one existing digital billboard: a two sided digital billboard owned by Interstate Outdoor on Route 35 south near Hazlet Avenue.  This board is across and down the street from Outfront’s proposed location.

    Insider’s take:  A two to one takedown ratio.  Signs which can be used for public safety programming in a pinch.  A net increase in advertising inventory which can help local businesses.  What’s not to like about the Outfront proposal?

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