• Have You Cleaned Your Digital Billboards?

    Did you know you should clean your digital billboards every four years?  That’s the word from digital billboard maker Daktronics.  Insider talked with Joni Schmeichel, Daktronics Out of Home Strategic Marketing Manager about cleaning digital billboards.

    Joni, how often do you recommend cleaning a digital billboard.

    We suggest a cleaning at year 4 and year 8

    Does it vary by location?

    Some areas may be more affected due to sea-water or dust areas, and may require more cleaning, such as displays close to the coast. On the flip side, there are many displays that may never need cleaning, due to natural rain cleansings that was able to maintain the display brightness at an acceptable level.

    What’s involved in a cleaning?

    There are two methods.

    Wet Cleaning: You turn off the power to the LED and then you brush a mild detergent and cold water mixture horizontally across the display with light pressure to avoid LED damage.  It’s best to work from top to bottom.  After washing you rinse the display with cold water under low pressure before the soap dries.  Finally you use a soft dry terry cloth to remove any excess water.

    Dry Cleaning: You wipe the display with horizontal strokes using a duster with light pressure to prevent LED damage.

    Who does the cleaning?

    You need to have someone trained in order to avoid damaging the LED’s.  Daktronics uses trained cleaners who specialize in cleaning large screen displays while following factory procedures to make sure no damage is done.

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