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    Richard Hamlin, a California out of home attorney sent Insider this notice of a recently enacted law which impacts California out of home companies.  If you have questions about the law contact Richard at 310-216-2165 or rhamlin@hamlinlaw.com

    Richard Hamlin, Hamlin Cody Law

    From time to time we spot a new case or statute that we think will interest our clients and other friends.

    Existing law includes freeway sections that “may later be” improved by planting in the definition of landscaped freeways.  A new law narrows the definition.

    1.      It defines how wide the landscaping must be and requires a minimum distance before a section can be considered landscaped.

    2.      It allows planting to cover sound walls, without creating a landscaped section.

    3.      It broadens the ability of local governments to enter into relocation agreements, as long as there would be no reduction in federal highway funds or increase the number of displays within the state.

    4.      It allows a relocated display to be converted to a message center.

    5.      It requires Caltrans to issue a permit for a display that is relocated pursuant to an agreement with another governmental entity, as long as the relocated display conforms to the new law.

    The new statute takes effect January 1, 2019.  You can read a copy of the statute here.

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