• Good News and a Warning for Out of Home

    Kohl’s CMO Greg Revelle

    Kohl’s CMO Greg Revelle said this on the June 24 Marketer’s Brief Podcast:

    “We’re starting to go back into more traditional media.  We’re back in radio now.  We are in digital video.  We’re soon to be back into national linear TV as well.  We’re slowly building our traditional media mix back.  We’re probably not going to do a lot of the tabs or a lot of the circulars…it’s one of the things that creates a lot of rigidity in our systems.  That’s one of the things that requires us to plan months in advance…we going to divest a bit from the things that require these long lead times and limit our flexibility more in favor of things that we can do in real time…That will be a lasting change…”

    Insider’s take:  We’re starting to go back into traditional media.  Good news for out of home.  We’re going to divest from things that require long lead times and limit our flexibility.  Good news for digital out of home.  Bad news for the agency model of national out of home selling with spreadsheets and back and forth and long lead times.  National out of home buying needs to get quicker and simpler.

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