• Gina Lin Stratford on How Geopath’s New Tools Help Sales

    Geopath SVP Scott Fiaschetti moderated a panel at Lookout2017 on Geopath’s new data design tools.  Insider doesn’t have an ad tech background and sometimes his eyes glaze over when data acronyms get thrown around.  His ears perked up, however, when he heard Yesco’s Director of National Sales Gina Lin Stratford give some specific examples of how the new Geopath tools help sales.

    How is data changing how you sell and talk to clients?

    First, if you guys are not excited spend a day with my team because we are so excited.  My sales team has always wanted to provide solution based sales for clients.  With the traditional method of DEC traffic count we had nothing…When CPM impressions data came out we were excited because we had basic demographic information.  It put us on the same playing field as TV and radio but it didn’t provide data to compete with digital…This to us is heaven…This allows us to put a proactive plan for business development.  We can look at data and have a reason to be on the phone with someone.

    My team is excited about the ability to target certain industries…In the last couple months we had a client which wanted to do a hiring campaign.  We reached out to Geopath and they were able to layer job searches by location in our market to help our client decide where to advertise.  We have a client which want to target veterans.  Before we never could have gotten that information.  Geopath was able to show us where veterans live and where they travel.

    You can watch entire talk at this link below.  Stratford’s comments start at about 6:15

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