• Getting started with billboard insurance.

    Billboard insurance is a must for your business.  Here are some common types of coverage your out of home business will need:

    • Workers Compensation.  Required if you have employees.
    • Replacement coverage for billboards and equipment.  This is critical for digital billboards.  Less critical for static billboards unless you have a non-conforming plant in an area which is subject to hurricanes and storms.
    • Business Auto to cover employees when they are driving on business.
    • General and Umbrella liability.  Many landlords require evidence of this coverage as part of a lease.  They want to know you have coverage if a sign falls or something happens when your employees are on their property.

    Insider asked billboard insurance expert Stuart Lee of Bassler Insurance for a list of the information that a billboard insurance underwriter needs to quote  billboard insurance.  Lee’s firm has over 30 out of home advertising clients. Here’s Lee’s checklist of info which will allow a billboard insurance company to give you a quick quote.

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