• Geopath’s Kym Frank on Geopath’s New Measurement System

    This week’s podcast guest is Geopath President Kym Frank.  She talks about the mistakes which other media channels have made, new features of Geopath’s Insights Suite, autonomous cars, privacy, the death (or not) of ad agencies, hyper-targeting and Dr Zizmore…

    Some highlights.

    Features of the new Geopath system

    When we first headed down this path there was this feeling that the tool was more focused on national buying and planning.  I think now that it’s in front of everyone…they realize the opposite is true.  You can do great national planning that you could never do in our system before but the local data are awesome.  One of my members told me that they still have this old Arbitron study that they bought decades ago that they reference about where cars were coming from that were passing each of their pieces of inventory.  But now because we have the mobile data we know what neighborhood audiences are originating from so you can get a unique origin study for every piece of inventory you own.  And in so many cases we see that the audience is not coming from the zip code in which the inventory is sitting.

    Something else that I’m really advocating for people to use…we now have cross-channel media consumption as a target in our platform.  We talk about where we can target people who are in the market for a new car.  Or we can target people who are planning to go do college next year.  But we can also target people who aren’t watching television.  So if you have an advertiser who is maybe spending a lot of money in television you can look across your inventory and say where are the people who aren’t watching television, who aren’t on social networks…let’s say you have a big restaurant in town and they buy a lot of television.  You can identify where the audiences are that don’t watch television and you can also identify where the audiences are that are likely to eat at a restaurant…and find the overlap…


    Why does a small independent out of home advertising company need Geopath?

    What brings a lot of smaller operators to our organization is we’ve lowered our dues for operators, we’ve created new tiers for smaller businesses, but also because they’re getting turned away a lot from agencies because they’re not measured, or they’re using circulation counts….We provide a lot of consulting work on behalf of our members.  That’s been a huge new value for some of our smaller operators….To be able to reach out to a team of researchers who you can consider part of your own team and say to them “hey I got someone in town who won’t even take a meeting with me, do you have any information that can help me.”  And having someone here actually curate content so you can get that meeting….We’ve had a lot of members who have used that service.

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