• Geopath Announces Release Dates for New Measurement System

    Here are the highlights from Geopath’s conference call last Friday to discuss the roadmap for the release of its new measurement system.

    Here are key milestones and what to expect at each stage of the rollout:

    March 15 – There will be a controlled release of beta software to point people at each Geopath member organization.  The software and attendant data are for testing only and are not meant for commercial transactions at initial release.  The Geopath Insights Suite will incorporate new data sets including enhanced circulation and place of residence data drawn from mobile and connected car data. Throughout out this early release, Geopath will be gathering feedback from users on how to improve the user experience.

    April 30 – Feedback from the initial release is gathered and incorporated. A comprehensive tool that includes hourly/daily/seasonal data, reach and frequency metrics, as well as enhanced audience targets is released to members.

    July 15 –  Further enhancements will be incorporated, including a new inventory management system which will allow users to input their inventory.

    September 15 – Place-based metrics and improved interior transit tools will be introduced.

    Geopath is targeting fourth quarter 2018 for conversion to its new software measurement system. This  will require approval from its Board of Directors.  Geopath President Kym Frank says, “Geopath wants to make sure we don’t shut the old system off until the industry is ready to migrate to the new system.”  The legacy TAB tools and data will remain available and fully functional until that time.

    Once the Insight Suite is released, Geopath will also provide a comprehensive set of training materials to educate members. The training materials will be video-driven (3-5 minute video vignettes) with downloadable support materials that cover topics ranging from the fundamentals of media measurement, the new methodology as well as tutorials on how to use the software. Members can select which topics they would like to learn about as needed, or if they prefer, go through the entire curriculum to receive their Geopath training certificate. An in-person training option will also be available as needed.

    Geopath will be offering hands-on training and an in-depth look at the methodologies behind the system at the upcoming Geopath/OAAA Conference in May.  #GO2018OOH

    If you have any questions on the release of the Insights Suite, please reach out to Geopath at geekOUT@geopath.org.

    You can also watch the webinar by clicking here.

    Kym Frank told Insider, “The OOH industry is fortunate to have a joint industry body responsible for its currency – allowing its members input into the enhancements, the software, the data partners and the methodologies. It’s a crowdsourced solution! Bringing this measurement system to life has been exciting for everyone involved along the way.  We thank them for their time, their expertise, and their dedication to the OOH industry.”   

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