• GEICO Demonstrates Power of OOH in TV Ads


    By Nicole Randall OAAA Communications Senior Director

    If you’ve been watching network TV lately, you’ve likely seen some of your favorite GEICO commercials from years past. The insurance company, known for their hilarious TV ads, is asking fans to vote for The Best of Geico for a chance to appear in an upcoming commercial.

    This tongue-in-cheek online ad asks for your vote.

    In the running is a commercial that features OOH advertising. The notorious Geico caveman disapproves of a Geico airport ad.


    OAAA, of course, voted for this one, as we hope you do. Vote here.

    Upon further reflection of previous Geico TV ads, we recall many that have spotlighted OOH.

    Geico is known for using OOH for branding campaigns. The insurance company has maintained a spot on the Top 10 OOH Advertisers list for years, ranking at #3 in 2017 with $54 million in OOH spend.

    “It makes sense Geico so often features its own OOH ads in TV commercials,” said OAAA’s Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas. “Consumers see the Geico brand along roads and across cities everywhere. Using OOH in TV helps add that extra level of relatability for consumers.”



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