• Freitas Explains Get Out of Home

    Last week the OAAA launched a bold new out of home positioning campaign called Get Out of Home  Here’s what OAAA chief marketing officer Stephen Freitas says about the designs.

    “This is just the first part of a campaign that will run through the end of this year.  We are hoping our members will continue to expand the campaign.”

    “Publicis developed the content.  We used the Pired Ilke and Franz photo agency to develop the creative and  concepts.  They assembled some models and did a two day photo shoot.  All the assets are original work developed just for this campaign.  Here are two millennial models popping out of an Instagram screen”

    “Other screens use mobile or banner formats.”

    “We solicited support and help from three prominent millennials with large followings on social media: Anomoly copywriter Jezz Chung, graphic designer Pawel Nolbert and facebook digital designer Marta Llop.”

    Jezz Chung

    Pawel Norbert


    Marta Llop, Facebook

    “We also solicited support and help from three ad industry superstars: Stan Richards (Founder, The Richards Group), Gerry Graf (Chief Creative Officer, Barton F. Graf) and Andy Byrd (creative director, Publicis).”

    Stan Richards

    Gerry Graf


    You can learn more about the Get Out of Home Campaign on the OAAA’s Get Out of Home webpage.

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