• Extra Credit Projects billboard for D.A Blodgett St Johns

    Insider is a big fan of Extra Credit projects work.  It’s fresh, witty and readable.  

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich, May 7, 2019—Local children’s advocacy group, D.A. Blodgett–St. John’s, is back on billboards with a new message bringing awareness to their child and family advocacy services.

    Last month, the Grand Rapids organization teased West Michigan with a billboard campaign that made news headlines and created a number of conversations on social media. After two weeks, the advertiser was revealed to be the local non-profit, which offers services like adoption, counseling, foster care, mentoring and more.

    The new designs, which posted last week, take visual cues from film and video game rating system to make their point. The simplicity and starkness of the ads not only stand out against their spring surroundings, but the concept also times perfectly with some of the biggest Hollywood releases of the year, making it relevant to the cultural landscape, as well.

    To learn more about D.A. Blodgett–St. John’s, visit www.dabsj.org. For more information about this campaign or ECP, contact Rob Jackson at 616-454-2955 or rob@extracreditprojects.com.

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