• Expert predictions for out of home in 2018

    Insider asked a who’s who of the out of home industry for predictions for 2018.

    What are your predictions for out of home in 2018?

    Nancy Fletcher, President/CEO, OAAA:

    • The OOH revenue growth trend (now at 30 consecutive months) will continue in 2018
    • OOH will become more of a core media buy than ever before because of new capabilities that drive reach, activation and fame.
    • OOH revenue will leapfrog magazines; newspapers are next.
    • OOH will share/reflect the big cultural moments of 2018, for instance, “Three Billboards” will win film awards.
    • A big turnover and vacant seats in Congress will mean more political ad sales for OOH.


    Andy Sriubas, Chief Commercial Officer, Outfront Media:

    Ad industry executives will begin to turn their energy away from “shiny new toys” like AR, VR and self-driving cars as a medium, which are too nascent and provide little payoff. Instead, there will be a shift toward consideration of tangible outcomes – a sentiment similar to what the “big” advertising companies have been met with in 2017 – making 2018, once again, the year of mobile.


    Kevin Gleason, President/CEO Adams Outdoor Advertising:

    • Adams Outdoor Advertising and Fairway Outdoor Advertising will pour every ounce of effort into making sure that advertisers realize OOH is more powerful than they ever imagines.
    • We will be overwhelmingly successful in accomplishing prediction #1.
    • OOH will begin the process of migrating away from geocentric sales into impression based sales, mitigating the need for location based data, supplanting it with audience based data.”


    Max Drachman, Vice President, Kalil and Co:

    For 2018, I predict more new buyers entering the Outdoor space, and see Outdoor companies gaining share of political revenue.   Strong M&A should continue as money remains cost-efficient, and Outdoor remains a desirable asset.


    Chris Cowlbeck, General Manager, Independent Billboard Operators USA:

    • Independent operators will gain a stronger seat in the marketplace through additional unification.
    • Mixed media advertising revenue will increase substantially among independent operators.
    • Independent operators will improve profits through better use of emerging technologies.


    Kym Frank, President, Geopath

    • New advertisers (especially local advertisers) will show an interest in OOH as a result of better hyperlocal data and start shifting budgets toward the medium.
    • The availability of more granular information on audiences (purchase information, retail visitation, psychographics, etc.) will have a significant positive impact on the OOH industry.
    • Publishers will find that every piece of inventory they own will have its own unique audience story to tell – opening up new opportunities to sell audiences and impressions.
    • The conference in Austin will truly ROCK!
    • Geopath will continue to work tirelessly to power a smarter OOH marketplace…and MORE.

    Ian Dallimore, Lamar Director of Digital Innovation

    Ian Dallimore, Lamar, Director of Digital Innovation + Sales Strategist for Lamar Advertising.

    • The OOH industry will see it’s first campaign using wearables and Out-of-home as a new tech connection to our space.
    • We will continue to see more data-driven campaigns for both creative and placement.
    • More digital and programmatic agencies will enter our industry to buy OOH programmatically.


    Larry Roberts, President, Boardworks

    • The year of mobile data.  For the past few years we have seen the beginnings of comprehensive and granular data being mined and used to help our clients better understand the demographics, trip destinations and buying habits of those seeing our boards.  I think 2018 will be the year that data begins to materially impact the sales process in a way that is transformative, transparent and clearly advantageous for advertisers and the traveling public.
    • Market share growth.  OOH will continue to grow and pull market share from other mediums.  Digital signage is truly impactful and the potential to be integrated into everyday life for advertisers and consumers is almost limitless.   Our industry is full of great minds, progressive thinkers and creative geniuses who will continue to roll out innovative tools and implement them in a creative way that will bring new advertisers into the OOH market.


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