Dusty’s Outdoor Installs First Digital Sign

Dusty’s Outdoor has installed its first digital billboard – a 10 x 30 back to back digital sign in Mt Vernon, IL.  Insider talked with Travis Rhodes.

Travis Rhodes, VP Sales and Marketing, Dusty’s Outdoor

You’ve been planning this for a while

We have been working hard for the past 2 years with the city of Mt. Vernon, the State of Illinois and our respective landowner to proudly build and operate our first digital billboard. The digital billboard joins our plant size of 516 faces across 5 States.  It utilizes the technology effectively for our customers to gain even more exposure.

What location

A prime, heavily traveled route near huge names such as Walmart and Lowes. It catches traffic on Rt 15/Broadway going through town and traffic coming off I-57/I-64 Junction.

Whose digital sign did you use and why?

Watchfire.  A great product and their office is located near us.

Are you using any automated platforms to sell space or are you direct selling yourselves?

We will do both.

You still in the hunt for acquisitions?

Our team is constantly looking for new acquisitions and build-sites.

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