• DOmedia Announces New Outdoor Supply Platform.

    domedialogoDOMedia operates a cloud-based applications which allow outdoor companies to create, manage and share RFP’s and proposals and to communicate better with outdoor buyers. Here’s a link to a February 2016 Billboard Insider interview with DOmedia CEO Ken Sahlin. This week DOMedia announced a new Supply Side Platform to make the process more efficient.  You’re welcome to stop by the DoMedia booth at the TAB/OAAA conference to learn more.   Insider interviewed Adam Malone, Vice President of Market Supply DOmedia about the new platform.   Adam Malone is the Vice President of Market Supply at DOmedia.   Adam is a graduate of The Ohio State University, a passionate business builder and an unapologetic out-of-home media nerd.

    maloneAdam, what trends are you seeing in outdoor advertising buys?

    There is an increased appetite for bringing programmatic buying to [D]OOH.

    Some of your readers may remember this, but DOmedia built and marketed the industry’s first programmatic buying tool for OOH back in ’08 and ’09. Those readers may also remember throwing us out of their offices!

    Suffice it to say, some of those same agencies and media companies are engaging us to help them buy and sell programmatically.

    In what ways is DOMedia changing to adjust to those trends?

    We are certainly helping to cultivate demand for programmatic OOH with our existing and prospective customers. We have a team devoted every day to drive standardization and efficiencies on the demand-side that paves the way for programmatic. There are boring, but impactful steps we are taking, such as standardizing the buyers’ templates, supporting the adoption of impressions currencies, and seamlessly moving data from proposal to contract. These are requisite steps to take prior to tapping into supply sources and refining buying algorithms.

    From the sell-side, inventory and availability management needs to be scaled up. In order for a media company to compete to win programmatic buys, they have to be able to make their inventory and pricing available to the demand sources – like DOmedia’s DSP – in real or near-real time.

    What is the new Supply Side Platform you are introducing and what are some of its benefits to outdoor companies and buyers?

    This is one of the primary reasons we are building out our SSP platform. Broadsign, Ayuda, and others are making great strides preparing the supply-side for programmatic, but there are hundreds if not thousands of media sellers who rely on excel, e-mail, or other disconnected systems for managing inventory and availability.

    We are rolling out the SSP suite with proposal generation, mapping, contracting, and PoP applications. Again, not the sexiest applications on its face, but these tools will immediately impact how companies work, spend time, and make sales. Our singular focus with the SSP is driving sales results for our customers.

    Media sellers who standardize on DOmedia’s SSP for their inventory management will be in prime position to sell through the DOmedia marketplace – today in the “traditional” – RFP – process, and tomorrow via programmatic.

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    Reagan Juggernaut - Billboard Insider

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