• DJ Jennings on using Smartlink to reduce lighting credits.

    Light outages are expensive.  Most ad contracts require a 10-25% credit to clients for the outage period.  This can be as much as $1,000 per month for a high traffic, high priced urban billboard. Huntsville, Alabama based Smartlink helps billboard companies to reduce lighting credits.  Insider talked with Smartlink’s VP of sales DJ Jennings about how Smartlink helps billboard companies to manage lighting outages in order to reduce lighting credits and unhappy customers.
    DJ, how does Smartlink work?
    The SmartLink system is specifically designed for the Out of Home industry to streamline operations and alleviate issues caused by faulty lighting and primitive timers. The SmartLink gives users the ability to remotely schedule and monitor their structures from their computer or smartphone app. Operators are notified immediately when an issue, such as a bulb outage occurs. This gives OOH companies the tool be proactive instead of reactive.
    What happens when lights go out?
    Once an issue occurs the operator is notified within seconds. The SmartLink monitors and controls all of your sign faces independently and immediately reports if a bulb goes out, the site loses power, or a utility side power issue occurs. The system generates various data reports such as a proof of performance showing exactly when the lights failed and how long they have been out. This is a great tool when debating with an advertiser the need for or severity of a credit.
    How can the Smartlink system minimize lighting credits?
    Alerting you within seconds of a lighting issue allows you to address the issue before a customer even notices, much less requests a credit. This drastically increases customer retention and satisfaction. It provides operators a tool to help eliminate illumination credits entirely. The SmartLink gives you the ability to make your operation proactive instead of reactive all while saving money and time. 
    How many out of home companies are using Smartlink.
    We proudly serve over 500 operators.
    How do you handle installations?
    We have three staffed electricians and over 35 subcontractors who are licensed to install the SmartLink System anywhere in the United States.  We also install our system in Europe, China, South America, Canada and Australia.
    For more information about how to control your lights contact DJ Jennings at dj@outdoorlinkinc.com or 256.503.5135

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