• Digital Brands and Out of Home

    By Brent Baer

    Why aren’t more digital/tech brands using out of home?  The short answer is: it’s not easy to plan and execute successfully.   Spotify placed its newest campaign in 14 Global markets including the US.  What’s going on?


    Everyone is talking about the Spotify campaign. Everyone meaning more than the people who read this post. And more than the thousands of  #GeoPath impressions on the streets. ‘Everyone’, represents the ‘Shares’, ‘Comments’ and ‘Likes’ the billboards’ messages are driving via social media. Spotify is engaging an audience using its subscriber collected data to connect its messages on the Big Screen with the Little Screen. OOH to mobile. From a media placement perspective, success is defined by the response in the number of ‘shares’ the billboards’ messages are generating via mobile.

    When the creative and placement are ‘that good’ (they both must be great to succeed) the message is moving people to engage. The Return on Investment is significantly more than what literally meets the eyes.

    A mass media phenomenon occurs: The effect of social response to the #OOH becomes exponentially explosive. 1+1=3

    OOH, Digital and Earned become the Trinity of Channels and a powerful partnership. Together it amasses massive ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’ and ‘Shares’ for the brand, as it did for Spotify.

    What Spotify is doing is awesome.

    It wasn’t easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it.  And everyone could, IF, they partnered with the right experts in OOH strategy.

    Twitter, Snapchat, Uber, Lyft, and Google all launched OOH campaigns.   Remember them? Exponential explosion?

    Let’s look at three examples.

    1. Twitter just before the Election. Who remembers? Did it generate the ROI?

    2. Snapchat.  Trademarked Ghost.  Anyone see a Ghost this summer?

    3. Apple and the Think Different Campaign. Nearly 20 years ago. Memorable stuff. Location and creative worked.  Read about – Apple’s untold story behind Think Different

    Let’s recap.

    Digital brands are beginning to understand and successfully execute the hyper local targeting value of OOH.  Brands, via their own data sets, are identifying their users geographically and use OOH accordingly, driving message. The relevant creative, large format, mass reach and micro targeting opportunities of Outdoor inspire emotions. Emotions incite behavior.  Great Success!  ROI is literally more than meets the eyes.

    OOH delivers and drives the message to create a storm of exponentially emotional response.

    A missed opportunity is very costly. Choose your OOH partners carefully.

    Brent Baer is VP of Business Development for Buntin Out-of-Home Media.  You can reach Brent at bbaer@buntingroup.com or 404 783 4192.

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