• Digital Billboards on Rolling Stock

    Patrick Morin is the President of Freight Train Media, a company with patents to put billboards on container cars and flat cars.  Insider talked with Morin about the idea last week.

    Patrick, how did your idea come about?

    I’ve been in the advertising business for a long time.  I started at J Walter Thompson In New York. 14 years ago I got a call from a friend and railroad guy about running ads on the side of freight cars  Why don’t we work together? We named the company Freight Train Media.  We did some development work and over time came up with patents on two designs. We call them Portable Rail Billboards (PRBs). The idea was to run LED  ads on the side of stationary or rolling container cars (PRB l)and to develop a billboard product that will mimic a standard board and be placed on a flat car (PRB ll).  My company, Freight Train, owns these patent rights on the PRBs.

    One design has a billboard unit that can go up and down and can turn.  It will turn to be readable from a freeway.  Potentially the nation’s railroads and rail freight yards offer a tremendous  growth opportunity for billboard development in an industry  with few undeveloped sites.

    How would you power the billboard

    We use a generator. We worked with Formetco on a number of these iterations.

    What are you seeking?

    My plan is  to license the rights to use these Portable Rail Billboards for a fee and percentage of  ad revenue.

    To learn more about this project contact Patrick Morin, pmorin@trainbillboards.com, 216-513-0020.

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