• Digital Billboard Light Mitigation

    Media Resources LED on left uses no light blocking technology. Media Resources LED on right uses light blocking technology.

    “More and more regulatory authorities are requiring a lighting analysis for digital sign permitting.  I was getting 1 request a month a year ago.  Now I get 4-5 a month.” – Daktronics lighting expert Eric Johnson on the importance of lighting studies at a recent IBOUSA show.

    One of the stories to watch in 2020 is digital billboard lighting issues.  Earlier this week Insider was shown a computer tool for calculating a digital billboard’s lighting footprint when he visited a digital billboard manufacturer.

    Lighting is becoming an issue with regulators.  On Jan 27 the Boston Planning and Development Agency held a meeting on a proposal to reduce digital billboard hours from 7am-2pm to 6am-midnight.   Cove Outdoor is going to lower an existing Weymouth, MASS digital billboard by 20 feet and install light blocking technology after people complained about light trespass.

    You should ask your digital billboard manufacturer for a lighting footprint study when you are seeking approval for a new digital sign.  Better to have the results before and to know if you’ve got an issue and how it might be mitigated than to be caught flat-footed at an approval hearing.   Ask your digital billboard manufacturer about ways to mitigate light issues via digital billboard design.  Look at this video showing how the design of a Media Resources digital billboard eliminates light trespass.

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