• Designing Effective Outdoor Ads for Stores

    Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 6.46.50 AMThe Store Starters has a great post called “How To Create an Effective Outdoor Campaign for Your Store.”   Here are the tips.

    • Find an outdoor boards near the store.  Same street or right across from or next to your store.
    • Use the board location to advantage.
    • 7 words or less.
    • Use copy to explain the benefit from coming to your store in an interesting way.
    • Don’t overdue graphics.
    • Use a tease.  Give people a little bit of the message at a time.  This is especially helpful when pre-opening.  Insider notes that this can be expensive with a static board beause of vinyl and installation costs.


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    Reagan Otr and YESCO - Billboard Insider

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