• Demand Surges for Coachella Festival Billboards.

    One of the great things about the automated out of home sales platforms is that they provide you with outstanding data on pricing.

    AdQuick, found that billboard prices for the month of April on the 10 freeway on the way to the Coachella music fesival, shot up a whopping 31%. Year over year billboard prices for the same area were up a 14.2% from 2018.

    This is a recognition that billboard advertising can be very engaging in the run up the festival, and also can’t be stopped by adblockers which plague digital ads.

    The methodology:

    • Using its proprietary algorithm merged with data sets from 100% of the printed and digital OOH media formats and inventory available in the US
    • AdQuick evaluated 378 billboards on Interstate 10 going into Coachella
    • This is based on almost $3M worth of billboard advertising coming through the AdQuick platform over the period Feb-April, 2019 and comparing to the average of the other nine months of the year.

    Below is an actual graphic of AdQuick billboard inventory along I-10. The purple dots are all billboards, while the Purple bus stop (with 42k beside it) is where Coachella is located

    For more information contact Adquick CEO Matt O’Connor, matt@adquick.com, 240-505-3586.

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