• Dave Etherington: “Privacy in the public space should be held to a higher standard.”


    Today’s podcast guest is Dave Etherington, the Chief Commercial Officer of Place Exchange.  Place Exchange is a programmatic out of home advertising platform spun off by Intersection approximately 2 years ago.  Dave talks about programmatic exchanges, privacy and whether static billboards can be sold programmatically.

    Give an overview of Place Exchange

    Place exchange is a pure play SSP (supply side provider) focused on bringing programmatic buyers to digital out of home…what Place Exchange seeks to do is take the vast diversity of digital out of home media and digital place based media and normalize it in such a way that it looks and works exactly like mobile and online and display and video within the biggest DSP’s…

    What kinds of out of home media owners does Place Exchange want to do business with. 

    We already work with the vast majority of the main players in the United States.  We work with the top 4 and then everything below…The medium is growing…It’s thrilling to walk though cities around the country and see taxi-tops and insider UBERs and street furniture…We would certainly look to work with anyone who reaches scaled audiences in novel and powerful ways..I’m excited to speak to any and all publishers who have networks of interest.  Send me an email.  Dave.etherington@placeexchange.com.

    How does Place Exchange Make Money?

    We don’t charge any buy side fees.  We only have sell side fees which are pre-negotiated and transparent.

    Who determines the price of OOH assets sold via Place Exchange?

    Absolutely the seller does.

    On Privacy

    We fundamentally believe at Place Exchange that the idea of privacy in public space should be held to a much higher standard than elsewhere.  It’s one thing to be exposed to tactics like retargeting in a one to one basis on a mobile device or on a laptop. It’s quite another for that tactic to be implemented where you live…walking up fifth avenue.

    Will static out of home be sold programmatically?

    I think you’re the fourth person to ask me that exact question today…There are many programmatic attributes that we can bring to non-digital out of home media. The ability to set up campaigns, reporting, attribution, would all work in the same way for static as it would for digital…You would lose the element to be able to optimize throughout the lifetime of the campaign, to test different creatives against each other…there will be a future state where they can begin to embrace the benefits of static…I think there is a future…I think it’s going to take…some evangelism…some hand-holding.  But there’s no reason why in the future this shouldn’t be a new source of revenue for non-digital out of home assets.

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