• Daucanski on what to start and stop in 2017

    Insider is running a series on out of home sales leadership by Dave Daucanski.  Today Dave talks about what the start and what to stop to lead your out of home sales team to a successful 2017.

    • Stop being busy with the wrong things.   How are you beginning your day? Only 5 of the 50 emails in your box are important.  Be ruthless about deleting yourself from unnecessary and distracting distribution lists to free up time for your team.
    • Start the day with an early morning team email: industry information; a positive motivational quote or a shout out to the team member.
    • Stop accepting every meeting and ask yourself will this drive revenue or help in team development.
    • Stop administrivia” in sales meetings  Is a production review beneficial to the whole team?  Does the a of A/R assist in revenue growth?  If you include these in your SALES meetings watch as your sales people begin to disengage from the meeting and begin reacting to their mobile devices.  Remember you are running a SALES meeting.  Administrivia can be handled directly with the individual.
    • Start sharing the team’s results.  Don’t say “that’s proprietary and we aren’t supposed to share that with you.” That is a power and control play.   When the team isn’t involved in a conversation on their results all you are doing is creating a team more self-focused rather than team-centered. Great teams are competitive and want to see how they compare to other teams also.  Share, share and share.
    • Start celebrating the win.  Highlight 3 successes for the week.  Allow the team members to share their success as it is more valuable when they tell it.
    • Stop making the sales meeting a training session. Save the training sessions for an optional lunch-and-learn which allows you to give the team member the decision to attend or not attend the training which translates into accountability if they opt out of the training.
    • Start 2017 with an ask instead of a tell.  What do you want to see in the sales meetings?  What is working?  What isn’t working?

    Adopt and deliver for a successful 2017.

    Dave Daucanski has 15 years experience in out of home advertising sales and sales management most recently at with Clear Channel Outdoor in Dallas and Florida and prior to that at All over Media and Lamar.  You can reach Dave at davewpb@bellsouth.net

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