• Dan Levi on data success stories

    Clear Channel CMO Dan Levi was interviewed by Patrick McGinnis on the AW360 podcast last week.

    Here’s Levi talking about how a data-driven approach to out of home can benefit clients:

    We’re showing great results to our clients.  Retailers, QSR clients, consumer packaged goods, automotive.  These are the biggest categories that are embracing this data-driven approach…

    On How Data Helped a Health Club Target OOH Ads

    We have a client which is a health club.  A gym.  They wanted to understand not only does the advertising work but is it more effective to deliver their message near where someone lives or where they work…Based on our ability to tell where people were exposed to the ads and where they went to clubs, we were able to share with this advertiser that it was more effective for them to put the ads where people worked.

    We have other advertisers where we’ve been able to shine the light on different days of the week that are more effective in driving performance.  We have other advertisers where we’ve been able to show that the combination of out of home and mobile drives better conversions and better results.

    On how data proved to a restaurant that direct mail OOH are complementary.

    And the cool thing is we have an advertiser – they’re a restaurant chain – and we showed them not only that the program we ran for them was effective but that we saw a real pop on Tuesdays as far as business to their stores.  And we weren’t quite sure why…Turns out they’d done a direct mail drop to businesses in the area…they had a promotional ad for businesses.  And what we were able to show was that the combination of people receiving a direct mail piece and having exposure to the billboard drove performance…The direct mail piece worked, but combined with out of home did even better.

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