• Daily Billboard’s Three of a Kind

    Insider is introducing a new monthly column called Daily Billboard Blog’s ‘Three of a Kind’.   In this feature Jason Morgan the owner of Daily Billboard blog will write about interesting billboards in Los Angeles.

    Click picture for a 5 minute Time Documentary on the shooting of the Lunch Atop a Skyscraper photo.

    By Jason Morgan, Daily Billboard Blog

    Having lived in L.A. for ten years and having been cataloguing some of the amazing billboards filling the skies in the ‘billboard capital of the world’, it’s funny how you see the same ideas being recycled, reused and reinvented over time.

    Here’s three different takes on the iconic photograph by Charles Clyde Ebbets, entitled ‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper’, snapped during the construction of New York’s Rockefeller Center in 1932.

    The first billboard example is from the summer of 2011 for the first big screen Smurfs movie,

    Smurfs at work

    the next billboard is for the TBS sitcom Men at Work from May 2012

    Men at Work

    and the final example is for L.A.’s Metro transport system and the different jobs it will generate from February 2014.

    Metro at Work

    As you can see from these examples the same familiar concept has been used in a fun way across three different genres, film, TV and local transport and it works for all of them.

    Come back next month for three billboards paying homage to the Hollywood Sign and check out Daily Billboard Blog every day for all the latest ad creatives around L.A.


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