• Daily Billboard’s 3 of a Kind: Neon

    This month as the nights are drawing in, for Daily Billboard Blog’s ‘3 of a Kind’ we’ll be exploring the nighttime delights of neon lights and how that they can help make a billboard spectacle in the dark.

    First up is neon billboard installation for Disney’s Tron: Legacy which was photographed along Santa Monica Boulevard near Westwood Boulevard in June 2010. The circular neon embellishment brings the hero’s ‘Identity Disc’ to life six months before the film’s release to help create excitement for the movie sequel 28 years after the original cult classic.

    Next up is a billboard example for the 2011 movie remake of Footloose, using neon signage to cleverly evoke the nostalgia of the original hit film from 1984. This fun billboard installation was spied lighting up the busy Sunset Strip in September 2011.

    The third example of this gimmick is from more recent times for Netflix’s female wrestling dramedy, GLOW, but still with the desire to evoke the neon trends of 1980s in which the series is set. This cool billboard featuring an eye-catching logo treatment in LED flex neon really stands out along the the Sunset Strip in July 2017 and this neon signage was reused to great effect on billboards for the second season of the show in June 2018.

    Neon seems to have proven very popular in recent years in L.A. to help films and TV shows stand out when they are released and to campaign for industry consideration during awards season, so be sure to check out all these other neon billboard examples for the likes of Stranger Things, Atomic Blonde, Riverdale, Disjointed and beer brands like Coors Light and more besides.

    Come back next month for another installment when we’ll be taking a look at copycat ad creatives that pay homage to other outdoor marketing campaigns to grab attention and get a laugh.

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