• Daily Billboard Blog’s 3 of a Kind: Elections

    With this year’s U.S. Presidential Election cycle in full swing, Daily Billboard Blog thought we’d take a look at three ad creatives this month that capitalize on voting season to help their products stand out in the city skyline.
    First up is this patriotic ‘Freedom to choose’ billboard for convenience store chain 7-Eleven, snapped along Pico Boulevard back in October 2016. Their stay-hot cup selection allowed customers to choose to support the party of their choice when buying their hot beverage, just like any true and fair democracy should.
    The second example is for beer brand Bud Light, photographed along Beverly Boulevard in June 2016. The short-lived ad campaign encouraged beer lovers to enjoy their favorite brew by supporting a new ‘can-didate’ and join the light beer’s party. The party’s platform, staying refreshed and having fun with friends.
    And the final billboard from Absolut Elyx certainly sums up how consequential the 2020 election will be, and at the same time highlights the importance of the Swedish vodka brand, and was spied in L.A. in November 2017.
    Whatever your party affiliation it’s your right to vote in America, so make sure you make your voice heard this election, whether it’s in person or by mail.
    Be kind and stay healthy in the weeks to come and we’ll see you next month when we’ll be keeping to the election theme and looking at three different billboards featuring the iconic Lincoln Memorial.

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