• CRM Systems – Sales Tools or Time Sucking Monsters?

    By Randy Brice, Telenotes

    Let’s take a closer look at some CRM stats:

    • CRM adoption rates are as low as 24%
    • 71% of sales reps complain that they spend too much time on date entry
    • 79% of opportunity-related data collected by reps is never collected on a CRM

    Selecting the wrong CRM can create a double-edged sword that will cut into company resources and handcuff sales reps to an ineffective manual system.  This results in a CRM that your reps hate and resist because it is difficult to learn and a pain to use. It causes friction between managers and sales reps and produces customer information which is minimal, untimely and incorrect.  Do you want important decisions to be made based on old or bogus information?

    The forgetfulness curve says your memory isn’t that good.

    It says that in just 20 minutes after a sales call, the average rep will have forgotten 42% of the conversation.  After and hour….64% and after a day…67%.  By the end of the week, the sales rep can only remember about 25% of that sales call.  After reading these memory statistics, Paul Sara, President and Owner of Badger Outdoor Consulting  had this to say.

    “ Randy, worse yet, the rep/AE not only forgets, they get preoccupied and don’t do the report at all.  This causes problems for the rep/AE with sales management.  Then, the sales manager gets into trouble with corporate because they don’t have the sales information they want and need from the market.  The rep/AE does a disservice to their client because the rep/AE forgets what the client needed.  Randy, poor reporting, late reporting or no reporting causes disruption for all.  We’re really busy, but the flow of information in the workplace is CRITICAL!”

    So, how do we solve these issues and prevent disruption in the flow of information?  Luckily, there is a solution and it involves biology.  Sale rep’s brains are wired to talk…not type.   Administrative work and typing wastes an average of 90 minutes a day.  Given a choice, the sales rep would rather spend that time selling.  Sale reps are smart and they want to know, what’s in it for me?  How is this CRM going to make me more money and simplify my life?  Here’s how.  Imagine a CRM designed by sales people for sales people.  Imagine a CRM that uses a sale rep’s natural inclination to talk.  Leveraging their biology, by allowing a rep to talk while the conversation is fresh in their head.  Imagine if the rep could now upload a business card, add or change a contact, schedule a reminder, follow up or appointment and even send emails to other associates in less than a minute.  Imagine if this CRM could track expenses and had a mapping feature that could plan routes, track mileage and generate leads.  Imagine if this CRM provided each sales rep with their own 24/7 sales assistant.  Imagine a CRM that uses automation to eliminate the barriers of traditional, antiquated CRM’s.  Finally, imagine if all of this power and accessibility could be in the palm of the rep’s hand through an app on their smartphone.

    Interested?  There is a webinar on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 on the OAAA website.  Here is the registration link:   You can watch the brief videos below to learn more, or you can contact by phone at 920-686-3747 or by email at Randy.Brice@Telenotes.com for a demo.

    Unleash Your Sales Team  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKVqNDPo8Vs

    Tale of Two Reps  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyD7gQSS9gU&t=2s

    Managers Take the Field https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyOvniTBJok


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