• County Looking at Billboards As Revenue Source

    Thirteen Luzerne County, PA owned parcels have been picked as possible sites for new billboards to generate revenue, according to a listing up for discussion at an upcoming county council real estate committee meeting. The Times Leader is reporting that the idea originally came from the county’s financial consultant who had suggested the billboard idea as a part of a 2005 recovery plan. County officials has discussed the idea at various times since then but failed to act.

    Interested Outdoor companies would review and visit available sites and come up with the net revenue the county could expect, according to a draft proposal. The company would be responsible for covering permitting costs and submissions and building the signs.  Digital billboards would include proposals for free county advertisements and Amber Alert capabilities.

    A listing of the potential sites can be viewed as a part of the Times Leader article.

    The administration also is proposing a lease to increase revenue on an existing billboard on county-owned land in Wilkes-Barre. The new lease agreement with the Lamar Company would run from July 1 this year through June 30, 2028, and include an annual 2 percent increase, the agenda says. Lamar had been leasing the billboard for years under a verbal, year-to-year agreement, the agenda stated.

    Insider’s Take – Smart move by a county government to consider well located properties as OOH sites that can potentially generate additional revenue for general operations. More counties should be following their lead. 



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