• Comstor installs its 1st digital billboard.

    This is the second article in a three part series on an independent out of home company’s experience installing its first digital billboard.  Comstor Outdoor has a 400 face plant in Ohio and Indiana.  Comstor just installed its first digital billboard.   We previously interviewed Comstor Marketing Executive Eddie Saunders Jr about digital sign permitting and vendor selection.  Today Eddie talks about the install and preparing to sell digital spots.

    Tell us about the install

    The installation was relatively seamless honestly. We were blessed with a great installation crew that worked their tails off to get it up and they did a great job. Installing a huge digital billboard in a parking lot of one of the busiest eateries in town right on the city’s busiest route was a big fear of mine. So much could’ve gone wrong. But our crew was on the ball and we couldn’t be more thankful for their hard work. It turned out great and the town really stood behind our project which really helped us enjoy the moment even more.

    How did you prepare to sell digital spots? 

    I personally created some marketing materials around the digital, which was a task to do prior to it even being built. But I had done extensive research about digitals for the year and a half prior to install so I had lots of time to prepare. I also reached out to numerous owner/operators across the OOH industry where I gained a ton of great insight from some incredible human beings. Once we had a few marketing materials and my prices seemed market friendly my teammate Adam Rammel and I identified great front runners for our launch. We created a special launch promo that we were confident would take the market by storm. I then focused my efforts for 2 weeks on our premier list of clients. Connecting, prospecting, closing. We did so well that when the sign was turned on I had 13/16 ad slots full. Proof that hard work pays off!

    What kind of training did Comstor do to learn how to operate the digital sign?

    Unlike managing our statics, the digital operating system was a real change of pace. Our digital sign vendor Watchfire offered a small walk thru type training of their operation system that was a good start. I spent a ton of time just tinkering with the systems prior to launch to figure out what buttons did what exactly. It wasn’t too difficult. When studying digital OOH as consistently as I did, I was able to apply my learned concepts into building my sales program around the operating system and our strategic goals. Not the other way around, which made things a lot more plug and play friendly. It was slightly confusing at first, but I was easily able to have all my clients ads loaded well before our sign even turned on.

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