• Company of the day:Wolverine Sign Works

    Markets:  Michigan, Indiana, Ohio
    Headquarters:  923 Bradley Street, Owosso, Michigan  48867
    Phone:  800-535-7446
    Email: info@wolverinesign.com
    Wolverine Sign Works was founded in 1916 by two traveling salesman who decided to start a sign rental company.  They borrowed against their life insurance and since Michigan was the wolverine state they called the company Wolverine Outdoor.
    Wolverine has over 1000 billboard locations in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Wolverine is distinctive for the large number of insurance companies which occupy its boards.
    Wolverine is run by Paul Cook, a nuclear engineer turned billboard exec.  He represents the fourth generation of Cook family members to active in the business.  The company is a member of the OAAA and Paul Cook serves on the OAAA Board.  Here’s a picture of Wolverine Chairman accepting an award from OAAA President and CEO Nancy Fletcher on the company’s 100th anniversary.

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