• Company of the Day: Zalla Media

    Company: Zalla Media

    Markets: Kentucky

    Headquarters: 2333 Anderson Road, Crescent Sprints, KY  41017

    Phone: 859-250-8793

    Email: shannon@zallamedia.com

    Zalla billboardZalla Media operates a digital billboard on I-75 in Northern Kentucky just over the Ohio River from Cincinnati.  The sign is on the most heavily traveled interstate in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area and gets 284,452 impressions each week.

    Insider talked with sales manager Shannon Hollenkamp about the sign.

    Shannon, how did Zalla get in the outdoor business.

    The owner’s family previously advertised on the sign and made a deal after acquiring the land to also acquire the sign in the early 1980s. They inherited the billboard permit dated in 1960 through the deal. 

    You’ve got a terrific digital location.

    You noted we have a great location and you are right! We are one of two boards in northern Kentucky just across the river from Cincinnati on the most heavily traveled interstate in the area.  The state of Kentucky’s digital billboard laws are notoriously stringent and would most likely not issue a permit for this type of sign today. Our customers enjoy very high traffic counts and low cost per impressions.  We may only have one sign but it is in the perfect location and gets so much attention because it is the only right hand read on I75S for 30+ miles.

    Whose digital sign did you use and what’s been your experience?

    Zalla uses Watchfire equipment and software. Our experience has been positive and we plan to use them again when it’s time to update our sign.

    You have amazing sign video on your website. Did you use a drone to shoot the footage?
    Our board is in such a high traffic area that anytime we want to take photo/video, it requires some effort including a police escort and notifying the state traffic board. We appreciate you recognizing this. Yes, we used a drone as well as a go-pro camera on a car, and a still photographer to put the video together. We are happy with the end result that showcases what a great spot the billboard is in and the potential it has for any advertiser!
    Are you using any of the automated sales solutions (Adomni, Adquick, Vistar, Blip) to sell digital billboard space? What’s been your experience?
    We are certainly to open to automated sales. We are more active on DOmedia and Adstruc, however. At this point, we will only use providers that allow us to maintain control of the slots. The automated solutions that want us to give up an entire spot are harder to consider. We are only one of two boards available for some 30+ miles, unlike just across the river in Cincinnati, we have no billboard farms in sight. We also only offer six advertising spots with weekly impressions over 380k and have several customers that buy out an entire year because of our location. To this end, we do our best to protect our category exclusive customers. However, we are always willing to check out new opportunities to help sell our available space to the right customers.

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