• Company of the Day: The Nashville Sign

    Company:  The Nashville Sign

    Market:  Tennessee

    Headquarters: 4505 Harding Pike, Suite 81W, Nashville, Tennessee  37205

    Phone: 615-613-6218

    The Nashville sign is an iconic billboard which is located at 1615 Broadway at the Broadway/West End Split in downtown Nashville.  The sign was originally constructed as a static billboard (see picture on right) on top of an auto repair shop.  Blackbird Media is the sign’s owner.  Blackbird Media calls the sign the Times Square of the South.  In 2015 Blackbird Media, the sign’s operator, replaced the static billboard on the site with a 36 by 38, 16mm Formetco digital billboard.  Selective Structures handled the fabrication and installation.  Blackbird Media’s founder and President is Chenault Sanders. Erica Bussell is Director of Sales and Marketing.

    Chenault Sanders talks about the Nashville sign in this 4 minute video:


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