• Company of the Day: Shipp Outdoor

    Company: Shipp Outdoor, LLC

    Headquarters: 2801 Richmond Road #43 Texarkana, TX 75503

    Markets: Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma

    Phone: 866-99-SHIPP

    Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 4.15.32 PMShipp Outdoor, LLC acquired assets of Whatley Sign Co. of Texarkana, AR in August of 2012. Chad Shipp, President, has been in marketing and media since he graduated high school in 1993 and felt the acquisition of Whatley fit his vision of “becoming the media.” The company acquired Bing Outdoor of Shreveport, LA in February of 2013 and is actively working to build and acquire new companies and sites to expand to 1000 faces.  Insider talked with Chad Shipp.

    What’s new during the past year.

    We just ordered three new Watchfire 14 by 48 digital screens  bringing our total digital sign count to 18.  We are the second largest digital operator in the Shreveport/Texarkana market behind Lamar.

    What have you learned about digital

    I have learned that size matters. We don’t build postage stamp size signs because it’s not all about yield to me. My name is on these signs and they will always look better than my competitors. Local customers especially are more likely to buy signs that are grand and impressive with unique structural features than small screens on a steel stick. It’s also important to have a large network so you can place ads in more locations since most digital is branding and not directional. 

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