• Company of the Day: Superior Outdoor

    Company:  Superior Outdoor Advertising

    Markets: Mississippi

    Headquarters: PO Box 1305 Laurel Mississippi  39442

    Email: superioroutdoorllc@gmail.com

    Phone: 601-433-9373

    The abandoned billboard which got Gathian Wells into the out of home business.

    Superior Outdoor operates a billboard business in Mississippi.  Gathian Wells is the company’s founder and owner.  Insider talked with Wells this week.

    You’ve got out of home in your blood.

    My introduction into the billboard industry starts with my father, Phill Wells. He has always been my role model and without him, I would not be where I am today. My father began his career in the outdoor industry in 1987 with a local billboard company based out of Laurel, Mississippi where he was an outside salesman for about 10 years. The company eventually sold to Lamar in 1997 for approximately $75 million. This ultimately ended my father’s career with that company, as the salesmen were let go. This lead to my dad partnering in two different billboard companies, the first being Delta Outdoor, Inc. (1997-1999) and the second being KAP Advertising, Inc. (1999-2007). Delta Outdoor sold to Lamar in 1999 and then interestingly enough, the same company that let my father go in 1997, acquired KAP Advertising, Inc. in 2007.  

    That same billboard today.

    How did you get started in the out of home business

    In 2011, I noticed an abandoned wood structure on the side of a highway. I drove past this sign every day and kept telling myself that I should stop and research the story behind this sign, and one day I finally did. To make a long story short, I purchased the sign from the landowner, negotiated an annual lease, replaced a couple of wooden panels, started generating income and Superior Outdoor was formed. I went on to build a few more wood structures, acquire a couple of existing monopoles and build a couple of new billboards.

    Tell us about your plant

    My inventory consists of 10 static faces and 2 digital faces ranging from 8’x24’, 12’x24’, 10’x30’ and 10’6” x 36” structures.  

    Do you have any digital signs?

    The most recent acquisition was actually this month, which happens to be my first digital billboard. The manufacturer of this board is Watchfire and their customer service has been excellent.

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