• Company of the Day: Pioneer Outdoor

    Company: Pioneer Outdoor

    Market: Springfield Missouri.

    Address: 1936 E Sunshine, Suite B, Springfield, MO

    Phone: 417-315-8719.


    Pioneer Outdoor is a family owned company which operates a plant of 30 static faces and 13 digital faces around Springfield Missouri.  The company was formed in 2011 by Larry Lipscomb who has nearly 40 years of outdoor advertising experience.  Pioneer is a member of the OAAA and an operator associate of the IBOUSA.  Insider talked with Libscomb this week.

    Larry Lipscomb

    Larry, your family has quite a history in the outdoor business.

    My grandfather was a Ford tractor distributor who entered the outdoor business in 1952 along with radio and eventually television stations to promote sales.  In 1958 Larry Lipscomb’s dad Jack took over running the business.  Jack Lipscomb served as chairman on the OAAA legislative committee in the early 70’s.  I started in sales at Pioneer in 1974.  We sold the three companies, Pioneer, Superior, and Overland Outdoor to Lamar in 1997.  After a hiatus I returned to the business in 2010 when my son Stuart said he would like to get back in the outdoor business.

    Tell us about your operation?

    There are four of us in the business.  Myself, my son Stuart Lipscomb and an office assistant and an additional sales person. Our main focus is Springfield Missouri,however, we do have coverage in a 60 mile radius. This will be Stuart’s company to run in a few years as I back out.

    Stuart Lipscomb

    What changes have you seen in 40 years in the outdoor business.

    Leaving business in 1997 we had poster faces and painted bulletins. Vinyl was just starting.  Now it’s all vinyl and digital. Uploading artwork that is live in seconds. Vinyl is easier to order and much less expensive.  When I sold, things were not as competitive for sure but were starting to get that way.

    Who’s digital signs do you use and what have you learned?
    We currently have both Watchfire and Formetco units. We have a great relationship with both companies.


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