• Company of the Day – Mixed Media Group

    Company: Mixed Media Group, Inc.

    Markets: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan

    Headquarters: 1152 Liberty Avenue, Cary, IL  60013.

    Phone: 847-462-8433

    Email: steve@mixedmediaoutdoor.com

    Steve Weber and Denny Orsinger

    Mixed Media operates signs in Illinois, Detroit, Eastern Iowa/Quad Cities and Iowa City.  The bulk of the company’s signs are in McHenry County, outside Chicago.  McHenry County Illinois is the most populated county in the U.S. without a freeway or interstate and yet part of Chicagoland. It’s one of the 6 major counties in Chicago’s SMSA.  Denny Orsinger is the owner of Mixed Media Group.

    Insider caught up with Steve Weber, Operations Manager for an update on the Company.

    What’s new at Mixed Media Group since we last talked back in September 2017?

    We’ve refined our tracking measures via Google Analytics.  We have also added technology to our digital displays that gives accurate daily impression counts and can provide in-store conversion rates to clients as well as other valuable customer measurement statistics.  The name of the game these days is measurement!  If you can’t show a client some kind of increase in black and white, whether it’s web traffic or to their bottom line, you’re not going to keep most customers around very long.

    Give us a feel for your mix of advertisers?  Any changes you have noticed over the last year?

    Our advertisers are a pretty even mix of Healthcare, Retail, and Service Industry.  The only real changes I’ve felt in the last year comes with the ebb and flow of the stock market.  When stocks are booming, local owners tend to have more confidence and are apt to make longer commitments.  When the market is tanking people tend to be a lot more conservative.

    You have a very active Facebook site for the business.  Have you seen Facebook as an asset to your marketing efforts?   

    To be frank… not really.  We funnel all digital touch points to Facebook (email blasts, blog posts, etc) so it’s kind of a catch all spot for our digital marketing efforts.  The only benefit I’ve seen is when using it to interact with our customers or partners by posting completion shots and things like that.  It gives them a warm fuzzy feeling to be interacted with on Facebook.  Aside from that, I can’t say that it’s contributed to the bottom line in any meaningful way.



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