• Company of the Day: Inwindow Outdoor

    Company: Inwindow Outdoor

    Markets:  New York

    Address: 636 Broadway, Suite 520, New York, NY  10012

    Phone: 212-254-2250

    Email: beverly@inwindowoutdoor.com

    Inwindow Outdoor operates a digital and static billboards, cubes and experience stations in vacant storefronts.  Insider talked with Beverly Denice Sparks a senior sales executive at the company.

    How did you get involved in the out of home business. 

    In 2002, our CEO Steve Birnhak, was walking around Manhattan and noticed the variety of vacant storefronts.  In an instant, it occurred to him that this valuable real estate was going to waste.  In that moment, the idea of using those vacant storefronts as an advertising medium was born.

    Tell us about your plant. 
    No, plant.  We are basically street-level billboards utilizing the existing storefront as the media.  Our storefronts can be two- and three-stories, corners, and even kiosks in malls.  We also do wallscapes.
    Do you need permits for your signs?
    Yes; We abide by local signage regulations in the markets in which operate.
    What sort of agreements do you have with landlords.
    The vast majority of our agreements are exclusive arrangements with landlords to use the vacant windows until the space is leased.

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