• Company of the Day: IMM Outdoor

    Company: IMM Outdoor

    Market: Massachusetts

    Address:  PO Box 270705, Boston, MA  02127

    Phone:  617-416-4245

    Email: info@immoutdoor.com

    IMM Outdoor operates a 14 by 48 billboard on the Mass turnpike in Chicopee.  The righthand read is digital.  The lefthand read is static.  Insider talked with company owner Matthew DiRoberto

    Matthew, how did you enter the out of home advertising business.  

    I’ve been in the advertising/marketing business for the last 20 years.  I had a lot of relationships from working in radio so I was looking to leverage that and I thought outdoor advertising could be a great conduit to that.

    Digital signs are difficult to permit.  There must be a story as to how you got yours.
     It was not easy.  We were actually turned down initially.  After working through concerns with a local neighbor we were able to overcome them and get approved at the next meeting.
    Who’s digital sign do you use and what have you learned?
    We use daktronics


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