• Company of the Day: Fluhman Outdoor

    Company: Fluhman Outdoor Media LLC

    Markets: West Texas, Southeastern New Mexico

    Headquarters:  505 South Arthur Street, Amarillo, TX  79102

    Phone: 806-678-7778

    Email: bruce@fluhmanoutdoor.net

    Fluhman Outdoor Media (FOM) began in the summer of 2013, and in just five years has grown to over 400 billboards in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico. FOM offers high traffic locations, very competitive pricing, and superb customer service.  The Company is affiliated with Greg Callahan Graphic Design, as nationally recognized, multi-award winning graphic design studio which creates high-impact messages for its billboard advertisers.  The Company also operates Amarillo Sign Company (founded in 1946), which provides on-premise sign installation and maintenance.     Insider talked with Bruce Thomas.

    Tell us about your plant.

    FOM’s billboard plant consists of approximately 405 billboards located in 50 different cities throughout the West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico region.  Our boards are priced very competitively vs the market, and they are at a price point that is affordable to a wide range of advertisers.  The proof is in our metrics, where we have very little turnover of advertisers, and maintain a high occupancy.

    You’ve been growing rapidly.  What’s the key to finding a good location?

    Fluhman Outdoor has focused on growing the company organically as opposed to acquisitions.  We have a “find ‘em, grind ‘em, and bind ‘em” strategy (leasing, building, and selling all of our boards internally).

    We fabricate and instal all of our billboard structures using our own building equipment and crew.

    Who’s digital signs do you use and what have you learned?

    To date, all of our billboards are static.  However, we believe that we have a number of high value locations that can be easily be converted to digital locations at the right time


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