• Company of the Day – CK Outdoor

    Company: CK Outdoor

    Headquarters: 920 E. 56th Street, Suite B Kearney, NE 68847

    Market: South Dakota & Iowa

    Phone: 800-628-6060

    Email:  karla.steele@usacommunications.tv

    Insider had a chance to talk with Karla Steele about CK Outdoor.

    Tell us a little about CK Outdoor’s history and plant.

    CK Outdoor operates 90 billboards along I-80, I-90, I-29 and I-35 in Iowa and South Dakota, with a few locations in the city limits of Iowa towns: Ames, Fort Dodge Osceola and a rural location by Algona. Chris Hilliard purchased the signs from Outfront in 2014. Chris is the son of USA Outdoor owner Russ Hilliard.

    Are any of your boards digital or do you have plans to convert boards to digital?

    We purchased 16 faces in the SD market in 2016. One of them is digital and we have converted 2 from static to digital since the purchase.

    I understand CK Outdoor is looking for growth opportunities? 

    Indeed. We are very open to opportunities to grow.

    You have a informative and simple to follow explanation of design on your web site.  Who does the bulk of your design work? 

    We have a few people in the home office on the cable television side that can help with design. Camel City Posters and Adam Owens have helped as well.




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