• Company of the Day: Choice Media

    Company: Choice Media

    Markets: Texas

    Headquarters: 11805 I-27, Amarillo, TX  79119

    Phone: 806-352-6585

    Email: Info@ChoiceMediaTX.com

    Choice Media operates a billboard plant in Texas.  Brad and Kristie Tooley formed the company in 1992 by buying a half dozen empty billboard faces with proceeds from the sale of a rental house.    Today Choice Media is one of the largest independent, family operated billboard companies in Texas with more than 800 billboard faces .  The company’s markets include Amarillo, Wichita Falls, Abilene, San Angelo, Midland-Odessa, Lubbock, Waco and Clovis, New Mexico.  Choice Media is an operator associate in the IBOUSA.    Insider talked with Tooley earlier this week.

    Brad, in our interview last year you said Choice is acquisition-oriented, especially in Texas and Eastern New Mexico.  Is this still the case?

    Definitely. We’re growing one board at a time, but always open to other billboard companies that would like to sell.  Organic growth in our markets is getting much more difficult with most of oru larger cities banning or making sign permitting very difficult.

    Whose digital signs do you use and what have you learned about digital?

    We built one of the first digital billboards in Texas (maybe the first) in our Waco market. We use Watchfire primarily but are also purchasing some Formetco. These are both great companies.
    Selling digital is more like selling radio and tv. The buys are shorter and we can give our customer “same day” service. Digital is not for every customer, but it’s a dynamic for customers that understand it and want to display a number of different messages.

    There are lots of new cloud-based services (e.g. signly, apparatix, fuze, billboard alerts, blip, adquick) which an out of home operator can use to run their business.  Are you using any of them and what’s been your experience?

    We have implemented Blip on a few of our boards and have some optimism about this model. We are experimenting with fuze and looking into apparatix, but have not made a commitment.

    We are blessed to be a longtime member of IBO and most appreciative of Chris Cowlbeck and the others that work for the progress of our industry. Sincere thanks to you Dave and Billboard Insider for all the great information you provide us on a daily basis.

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