• Company of the Day – Busby Companies

    Company: Busby Companies

    Headquarters: 1734 Wansley Road, Laurel, MS  39440

    Phone: 601.428.4014

    Markets: Mississippi, Louisiana, Northwest Florida and Indiana

    Busby Companies is a local family owned and operated billboard advertising company in Laurel, Mississippi with over 30 years of experience in the industry. They also specialize in the design and manufacturing of sports arena displays, on-premise signage, LED fuel numbers, and LED marquee displays.

    Insider caught up with Leonard Busby for an update on their operations.

    I know Busby Outdoor has had a busy year. Tell us about your territory, plant and recent additions to that plant?

    We view ourselves as a nationwide company, but the principal office is located in Laurel, Mississippi. Our current markets include Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida and Indiana. We specialize in creative design combined with forward-looking technology installed with a keen focus on aesthetic pleasure and enhanced durability. Busby Companies currently owns and operates 200 faces with 70 faces being digital.
    We have recently expanded our digital footprint into Monroe and West Monroe, Louisiana markets with 9 additional digital faces. We also plan to have 9 additional digital locations installed by the end of the year in Mississippi and Florida.

    Tell us about how your digital signs are manufactured?

    We aren’t your typical billboard operator. One of our sister companies
    Capturion Network specializes in LED display construction for Sporting Venues as well as Custom Signage. With this experience, we design and spec our displays utilizing only the best components in the industry. Busby Companies operates its own proprietary software designed to allow us the most flexibility in terms of offering advertising services to varying budgets from small to large.

    How has operating primarily as a digital sign company changed the way you market?

    We have been in digital advertising in some form or fashion since 2004 including all kinds of digital media forms. This experience has changed our operations in numerous ways and expanded our knowledge greatly. .

    We believe digital billboards are still in the infancy stage, there will be growth in this market, along with customer interaction, and the ability to reach consumers is improving tremendously. You have to stay ahead of the changes made by our environment. New techniques such as capturing consumer data, to smart screens and interacting with the traveling public, is really cool and effective for numerous reasons. Combine that with being able to offer customers the ability to market their message in different media forms and prove ROIs, there you have the key to a successful ad campaign.

    You do something different around the base of most of your structures. Tell us about the brick?

    We have been through numerous experiences where local governments have denied permits due to the billboards not appearing aesthetically pleasing. Through those denied permits we asked ourselves “How can we change this outlook on our signs?” After changing our way of thinking, we decided to put our focus on building showcase signs that could be viewed as works of art. We feel that we are making a statement by customizing the base of the sign with brick and cast stone or theming the design around the local architecture. By creating a work of art, we have found everyone from government bodies to customers are much more receptive and open to advertising on these media platforms.

    What are you points of emphasis for the coming 12 months?

    We plan to integrate our own operating system with all sales platforms to include such companies as Blip and other services more in line with demand side platforms. We feel the only way to be an independent operator and to compete in this industry is to give yourself every opportunity to sell digital media. We are looking for growth opportunities in any and all things billboard related.


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