• Company of the Day: Bullfrog Outdoor

    Company:  Bullfrog Outdoor

    Markets:  Michigan, Indiana

    Headquarters:  220 Club Course Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46814

    Phone:  260-625-JUMP

    Bullfrog Outdoor owns 40 structures in Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana.   The company was founded by Charlie MacIntyre in 1998 after a successful career with 3M in Chicago and Fort Wayne.  Charlie is President of the IBOUSA and  a Billboard Insider reader.  He has provided Insider with many great suggestions for articles. 

    What’s new at the company?

    Business has never been better.  I acquired several units in the past year and have several displays in the pipeline.

    Tell us about your plant.

    The plant consists 12’ x 25’ and 14’ x 48’ monopole structures.  Bullfrog has also acquired a few older wooden structures from prior companies that were abandoned when they they started building monopoles in the “Big Cities”.

    What’s the Northern Indiana Outdoor market like?

    The market is mostly rural with several larger cities (Fort Wayne, South Bend, Kalamazoo) dispersed throughout the market. Bullfrog inventory is on State or US Highways.  The competitions inventory consists of posters, 8-sheet and 14 by 48 bulletins.  Other companies inSouth Bend and fort Wayne offer rotary programs.


    Who’s digital signs do you use and what’s been your experience?

    Formetco installed the digital. They have provided excellent customer service. Originally I was not interested in installing a digital display and then I started coming around to the idea. Bullfrog installed a digital display in Angola, Indiana and it has been well received.

    It also has opened up opportunities with advertisers that were not customers and would not respond to my emails or calls. They since have leased space on the digital and have additional billboards with Bullfrog.

    What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started in the out of home advertising business?

    The value of a permanent easement.

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